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    car widths

    Hi sparky123 new member
    I am a disabled driver (lower left leg amputated) I
    Drive a mark a meriva a auto which measures 1695 mm width this goes in my standard garage.I.t's getting a bit long in the tooth,so I looked for a similar car on the motability scheme.what a joke! Similar cars e.g. Kier venga be golf se. All over 1700 mm.All the new (soft roaders) the same. I can get most in the garage but I cannot get out. The only one that fits is honda jazz but the seats are to low,Why have all manufacturers deemed to increase the width. My car spends most of its time in the garage, when I am not using it.So I know it reasonable safe,I am sure there is now a lot more cars parked on public roads because of this oversizing

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    I don’t know if this will help you to find the cars that are the right size for your garage.

    There’s also somewhere in there if I remember right that shows the model selected in a garage and how much room required for the doors to be open.

    Best of luck with your search as I've spent a year on and off going to showrooms measuring boot space in all sorts of models.

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    Cars have gradually got bigger.
    The BMW Mini is bigger than the old Austin Maxi!

    I also have been searching for large boot space, have a Pegeot 308 SW Estate now, big enough, but swap time in April and now they are a lot more advance payment.
    The Golf SV looks like it will do, Octavia is a bit big and not that good a drive according to reviews. ( In the sub £300 advance payment selection)

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    Ford Ecosport any good?

    L x W x H: 4096 x 1765 x 1653 mm, Boot capacity: 356 dm3

    Ford EcoSport 1.0T Titanium 5dr, petrol auto at £345 AP.

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