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Thread: Being kept on ESA after having medical

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    Being kept on ESA after having medical

    My husband had a work related medical examination last week. He has been claiming esa for 13 months now regarding a problem of his left foot (which his doctor shows no interest in referring him to a specialist). The doctor who did the work related medical examination hinted that he may be kept on esa and not put in the work related activity group or the support group. My husband is 63 years old and so am I. We are at present expecting a letter within a few days regarding the outcome of this examination. We are concerned that if my Husband is kept on esa we will be kept on low money and is this legal.

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    Once you have had a Work Capability Assessment the DWP Decision Maker decides one of 3 things:

    1. Fit for Work - You have to claim Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit (depends where you live).
    2. Limited Capability for Work - You are awarded the ESA-WRAG group, don't need to jobsearch, but won't get extra money. (Because the claim started after April 2017).
    3. Limited Capability for Work and Work Related Activity - You are awarded ESA-Support Group, don't need to jobsearch or anything else, and get extra money.

    Those are the only three possible outcomes from a WCA.

    PS. The decision letter usually takes longer than 'a few days'.
    I had a WCA re-assessment 4 weeks ago and the decision has not been made yet.
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    Thank you for this information it will please my husband.

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