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Thread: Assessment next week :(

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    Another sleepless night really as it's tomorrow. Harmed myself....again :/.... of which I will be showing them. I'd prefer not to but i'm likely never going to see that staff member again in my life right?

    Getting a bit edgy about how it's going to be getting there alone. I know last assessment I attended alone and it didn't go against me, but been reading the WCA handbook and getting worried again.

    Coping with change: "It would seem unlikely that a claimant who manages to attend the AC alone and coped with the assessment would meet the level of severity of functional restriction for anything other than CCd to apply" (Does not apply).

    Getting about: "When considering this activity, the means the person arrived at their destination is not considered. For example, individuals who are unable to use public transport but are able to arrive at their destination unaccompanied by other means, are likely to meet criteria for GA(d) - none apply".

    Of course, it's nonsense but I can understand that pot luck thing about it. It all comes down to who the assessor is and weather they have embedded those words in their head while reading the handbook.

    Worst case they remember those things and tick off "none apply" to both. Then only way of retaining award is substantial risk.

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    Right, before the assessment I just have 1 last Q.

    Last minute to my surprise someone who lives more than 100 miles away has said they have taken time off work and want to come with me but I no idea what's the best option?

    This person is sort of a stranger. They have MH problems too, different ones and are able to work. It was a while ago where they had serious concerns for my health on a mental health forum, understood my situation with family deaths and kept probing to help out.

    They came and visited me and do so every few months to see how i'm getting along.

    Would it be better having this person drive me there and attend with me or to go it alone via taxi?

    As if they attend with me, I just don't want it to give the wrong impression that I can meet and interact with strangers (Never been the case as i'm always on edge anyway around that person). Also with managing meds, I can't be on meds as I have to look after them myself and it triggers me to self harm (evidence I can provide). I dont want them to think it's not the case as this person can manage my meds, as I barely see them once every few months so it's not doable.

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    I had an assessment yesterday and also have mental health issues. If you find it difficult to talk about your conditions, and I know how hard it can be especially with a stranger, then perhaps you could consider writing everything down?

    I wrote a statement describing my conditions in detail and I certainly think it helped because yesterday the assessor cut the assessment short after reading my statement, said it told him a lot of information

    I'm not saying it will work for you, but I have read of people on here doing similar. Certainly couldn't hurt to just try and write everything down.

    I wish you luck.

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    Thanks very much.

    That's a good idea actually. Going to do that now.

    Cutting it short is always a good sign (my last assessment was cut short. Well more like an informal chat for 15 mins about how difficult it's been. Then was placed in the support group).

    That person is definitely coming with me tomorrow. So that's 1 relief as well. I just have to remember to let it all out and not be brave about anything.

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    Glad I could help.

    I hope it goes well for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Careruk26 View Post
    I just have to remember to let it all out and not be brave about anything.
    That's it - you have to show them how you are every day, it's no use showing them how you can make a special effort once in a while.

    Let them see you, 'warts and all'.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Thank you all....DONE...

    He's a (perhaps mini) report.

    It mostly was them reading a bit of page 1 of my notes, asking me a bit about it, then showing empathy, understanding and doing some typing. They asked about my daily routine, I was struggling to explain to them but they didn't really probe me for answers.

    I told them about suicidal thoughts and stuff. At the end they asked me about signing a form giving them permission to contact my GP about it.

    Near the end they said something like, not to worry, it will take a few weeks to hear from them but it will all stay as it is. They said I'm clearly finding it all very difficult at the moment still and their report will reflect this.

    So that sounds very much like no change to the award?

    Now I feel guilty :/. It's a MH thing though, feeling I don't deserve it. I just keep telling myself "If the outcome is good, you do deserve it as remember, you actually want to be in work like you were before. The only reason you aren't is because of NHS waiting lists and their delays in giving the right treatment"

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    I'm glad it went well for you.

    Strange that you assessor asked you to fill in a form about contacting your GP; mine also said he was going to but didn't get me to sign a form. He definitely did contact them though because they called me today to make an appointment. Although they were admittedly short staffed at the centre i was at because one of them was off sick of something, so I think they were a bit rushed.
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    Great news today. Feeling on edge I thought I might as well phone them as it was getting to much with it being 3 weeks since assessment and no letters from them.

    After waiting ages for someone to pick up, I had the outcome over the phone.... I'm remaining in the SG for 18 months.

    What a huge relief. Phew

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    So happy for you, I'm still waiting for my reassessment for my esa last two awards were support group for a year sent my esa50 off last month.

    Also did my pip assessment last week too so much stress.

    Really pleased you got what you deserve, try to relax and 18 months is a good time lets hope the crooks in charge of the DWP will be gone by then.

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