I've been away for a while because I've been overwhelmed over the summer with a series of new health issues (13 hospital visits and still not not resolved yet)

But, I've still been visiting regularly and like everyone I've been dismayed to see so much spam! I really thought that we'd cut out the c**p early this year. But like bad smells it came back.

Anyway... I wonder if anyone has ever got any help with a long term phobia? I suffer with Tomophobia have done since my childhood but never really got help as it has no impact on daily life and isn't something that I've had to face regularly (other than the dentist)

I'm asking because I'm at the start of a long series of procedures that could end with major surgery and would like to get a head of the game, I'm struggling with anxiety just dealing with the less serious procedures and although these are usually done with local anaesthetic have only been able to cope with massive doses of Valium and a general, this is not something that I think I can do long term.

Any advice would be welcome.