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Thread: Strange question about cycling and the law, if anyone can help (ex-Police, etc)

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    Strange question about cycling and the law, if anyone can help (ex-Police, etc)

    Here goes.
    I am Registered Partially sighted, but would love to ride a bike again. I have been told in the past that it would be an offence for me to ride a bicycle on the Public Highway (road), obviously because of my eyesight. Which I fully accept,as I may be seen as a danger to other road users, but I am fully aware of my capabilities to ride solo at a slow pace.

    Would it also be an offence for me to ride a Mountain Bike along such places as Bridleways, as where I live, there is a mixed use Bridleway (Cyclists, Horses, etc) basically at the back of my house, part of the Trans-Pennine Bridleway. There are no vehicles on large parts of it, just maybe on a few very quiet county roads linking parts of the Bridleway. These roads are not technically public, they are private roads owned by United Utilities for access to the local reservoirs/pumping stations and also access by tenant farmers to their farms and stock, up the valleys. So would I be legally allowed to ride on those and the Bridleway or would they be still classed as an offence for me ? Just curious, more than anything, as I miss that bit of independence since my driving licence was revoked and I ended up with a Disabled National Bus Pass.

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    Many visually impaired cyclists use private roads/tracks and the National Cycle Network.

    Tandems are popular for those with no or very limited sight, those with more sight often use a single cycle with the company of a sighted guide/helper.

    Sustrans who look after the National Cycle Network have articles and advice about visually impaired cycling:

    Try also taking a look at RNIB's website, with a search for cycling to get various articles about cycling and visual impairment, from using a cycle yourself to problems caused by having to cross cycle lanes in town centres.

    If you are intending to ride alone, or even just as a good idea, you may want to consider taking out at least third party insurance for your cycling:
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    There are clubs that specialise in getting people to 'move' all over the country called 'Cycling for all'

    Tandems are loaned out If on a running track it might only cost £2 for a go.

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