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Thread: Elec Bill-Now there's a surprise!

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    With British Gas you can choose to pay it in to your gas or elec or you can phone them to move half to your other account

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    walker did they notify you or they just applied the credit without saying anything?

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    no notification at all
    not even a reply to my email

    and when I rang I was a bit scared she would say it was a mistake but no it was all ok

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    ok thanks for letting us know.

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    Walker, that is Fantastic news. So, so glad you got it. Now, you have it and if circs don't change you know you are entitled to it :-)

    What we do at this stage is to put a reminder on current calendar-for info to be transferred to 2019 calendar in few weeks-is at September 2019 make a note
    to check when supplier opens the scheme for 2019/2020 and get your application nice and early. It is just 1 of those things that you now know how quick it can be and is well worth it.

    Again, so glad & happy for you. & thanks for the thanks. Have a great weekend :-)

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    update - I got the letter today saying I am entitled and may get it!!
    but I already have it

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    They might pay you twice. (Fat chance).

    Although the DWP did wrongly give me the same £25 cold weather payment twice last year.
    There was only one due here for the whole winter.
    Paid it, sent me a letter, paid it again a week later.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    So I applied online last week with British gas thanks to this brillant thread making me aware of the warm home discount.

    Just rung the priority services team and they said it's pending approved so they just need to confirm with the DWP that I'm getting ESA on the Support Group which I am.

    They said worst case they write to me to ask for proof which I have too.

    Hope this means I get it been cold this year and heating is so expensive.

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    is anyone else aside from me waiting, interesting James got a very fast turnaround time.

    I sent my request early December and not heard a thing. It seems to be a very long wait time.

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    I gave coop energy a ring.

    The lady said my circumstances should qualify me and I filled in the form correctly.

    They have been waiting 2 months to hear back from the DWP, the DWP been slow is the delay. Am hoping with it been CB ESA and IR topup no confusion will arise regarding IR benefits.

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