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Thread: Elec Bill-Now there's a surprise!

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    Quote Originally Posted by freedomeagle View Post
    I'm with SSE applied as it's 1st time been able too got a letter saying that i qualify but no guarentee i'd get it i might be called for proof of benefit if get it it will be added to electric account just checked nothing there so maybe wont get it. Glad you got yours though
    I am also with SSE

    since my main benefit is ESA CB with a IR top up - do I tick the general ESA box or the IR ESA?

    ed. (I think I may need to apologise for my post earlier on this thread as re reading it - it sounds like I am judging people who have applied for the grant. This is certainly NOT the case, as I feel everyone deserves the support. It is just that I always feel the needs of others are greater than mine. Sorry if anyone felt I was being 'off' with them)
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    Hi Walker, Just read previosu post & doesn't sound like you're judging people at all...if anything, would say it read more on 'christian' side. But anyway, am also with SSE and can't recall which 1 we ticked under 'broader group'. I have just been onto SSE website (I googled-SSE-warm homefront online application) & it give link to online application-which is quickest way of applying-and also came across criteria to fit your situation regarding Income Related ESA but you must also be in receipt of a further qualifying benefit. I haven't provided link but have copied the criteria for IR ESA plus 1 other benefit below:

    Income related Employment and Support Allowance
    AND at least one of the additional criteria
    • War Disablement Pension • Disability Living Allowance • Personal Independence Payment • Child born on or after 1 April 2013 • A pensioner premium (all rates) • A disability premium (all rates) • Industrial Injuries Benefit • Child Disability Living Allowance • Child Tax Credit which includes a disability element for a child born on or after 1 April 1999 • A disabled child premium/addition • Support or Work Related activity component • Child aged 18 years or under and in full time education born on or after 1 April 2000

    Hopefully you qualify under the above criteria, if not, once you're on SSE website, read the further info on broader group as you may qualify under different reasons. Please, read all of it, unless you qualify as above. I say read all, aas I had been onto great friends of ours who we know are entitled and have been for many years, but because not all of letter was read 'correctly' they didn't think they met criteria and have missed out on many years of this help (they had seen figure of £16,500 per year and thought that becuase they they received more than this in benefits, inc HB/CT, they were not eligible!!! I looked into this deeper part of letter they had misread was for people who were employed and earning £16,500, or whatever the figure was when this arose with them-am now glad to say that they are in receipt of correct benefits, and are now applying happy that they fit criteria, whcih they did do all along!).

    Anyway, check it out and if all good get application off online. Good luck with it Bud.

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    bless you
    and thank you
    yes I did read it
    my esa is CB with an IR top up
    so I don't think I can tick the IR box
    I do get PiP
    but with the general esa box the additional criteria are only HB or council tax
    both of which I get but it only allows 1 ticked

    I don't have anything to prove I get the IR esa as the top up letter just says my esa is now a higher amount

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    Hi Walker, you have said 'my esa is CB with an IR top up' and 'I do get PiP'! In that case get on the SSE, complete the form and send it to them. They can only say No!

    The criteria asks do you get IR ESA-Yes you do AND do you get ...PIP-Yes you do. You qualify.

    Put it this way, if you are not entitled, they will tell you. Now, afetr you've read this, log onto SSE etc.,

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    Walker, I forgot to add...we qualified on same grounds. My ESA is CB topped up with IR and also we get PIP. We ticked exactly the same boxes as you will.

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    well I have filled it in and submitted it
    said I was in receipt of IR esa but am worried because my main esa is CB
    scared I will now get into trouble
    but it has gone now

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    Walker, Please, please stop panicking. Your ESA is exactly same as mine (and 1k's of others). We been applying ever since scheme started out. Have never had any enquiries about out benefits regarding warm home front application as we qualify, as do you. The only reply we have ever had each year has been the letter saying 'it looks like you qualify and we will add £140 credit to your account before end of year.

    Please, don't worry. Criteria is 'do you receive IR ESA & PIP-Yes you do. You have done nothing wrong but all to gain. Now, put it out of your mind.

    I would think, if I am/have been mistaken, other posters would have clarified/confirmed/denied points raised :-)

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    Walker i am the same as you i was on CB SG ESA then they changed so i'm part CB part IR since then you just say you are on IR ESA even on the perscription box i used to have hc2 certificate for dentist and perscriptions now just tick the box same on the heating form you aren't lying it's a fact. I don't think your responses have been offy or judgey in any way so don't worry take care.

    I have reported the deniswap posts should not be allowed on this site..

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    Hi Freedomeagle and Walker. Thanks to Freedom for clarifying points fr Walker on application for WHF & moreso hopefully putting your mind at ease Walker. Didn't even think to add part of prescriptions and dentists, so again, TY Freedom. Only thing I would add on top of warm home front, Walker, is that around end of August/September next year, see if the scheme is open and apply as soon as poss. Sooner you know you are getting it, it can put mind at rest for help toward 1 utility bill at least. Hope you get your response sooner then later (it could be possible that before you receive letter confirming you are to get the £140.00 that if you do your elec bill online with SSE is you can check your balance with SSE which may show it has been added before you get letter).

    Hope all have racking weekend.

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    thank you

    I pay my gas/elec by direct debit to SSE

    re. prescriptions, I have a current HC2 which I use
    the letter I have about my IR top up makes NO mention at all of being income related

    thanks for all the info and advice

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