Hi everyone,

After being told 2 weeks ago that my tribunal desicion stands i told them to send me a letter of conformation.
So i was led to believe that my change of circumstances and bundles of new evidence from all doctors concerned
with my mental and physical health being a lot worse than my first D.L.A form mean't nothing!!!

So i waited for my letter and when it came it turned out to be my tribunal desicion!
So i phoned dla back and said they sent the wrong letter as i already had that one -obviously-
To cut a long story short dla received my change of circumstances 12th june 2012-and the Tribunal decision
on 14th june 2012.
So basically they thought my coc crossed in the post and ignored it i was horrified as i had received 2 letters telling me to give them the 11 weeks wait before contact.

So now the lady i spoke to is writing an email to appeals explaining there cock up and appeals are requesting my change of circumstances form and new evidence, to be reviewed also for it to be looked at as still dated 12th june,
So either 1) they will challenge the tribunal desicion based on my new evidence - or -
2) go by my coc form and evidence.
I need do nothing unless they need more information,
AND YES YOU GUESSED IT i am back on an 11 week wait!!!

This system is so frustrating.