Here's a good one I came across on rightsnet (in the thread about the IB-ESA cockup).

...the Public Accounts Committee has asked DWP to respond to this...

5.The Department’s abysmal communication with claimants exacerbated the scale and impact of its error. It is the Department’s responsibility to set the rules covering benefit claims and entitlement, and to communicate these clearly to applicants and claimants. How well it does this will affect claimants’ ability to claim the benefits that they are entitled to. The Disability Benefits consortium and NAWRA confirmed our experience as Members of Parliament representing our constituents, which is that the Department’s communications with claimants are at times incomprehensible. We welcome the Accounting Officer’s frank admission that even he does not understand all the letters his Department sends to claimants.
At last an admission that nobody can understand some the letters they send out, not even themselves.