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Thread: SDP and Natural Migration issues.

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    SDP and Natural Migration issues.

    Dates have been announced for the halting of those with SDP being Naturally Migrated, and for the 'compensation' of those who have already lost SDP:

    From 16th January 2019 then you will not be able to make a claim for UC if you have SDP until you are asked to Managed Migrate:
    The government has already made a commitment that anyone who is moved to Universal Credit without a change in circumstance, i.e. as part of the managed migration process, will not lose out in cash terms. Transitional protection will be provided to eligible claimants to safeguard their existing benefit entitlement until their circumstances change.

    To safeguard their financial position and ensure that they are managed migrated to Universal Credit and therefore have access to transitional protection, the regulations introduce a provision to ensure that these claimants will be unable to make a claim for Universal Credit on or after 16 January 2019.
    If you have already migrated to UC and so lost your SDP:
    Former Severe Disability Premium recipients who have already naturally migrated to Universal Credit will have access to ongoing additional monthly payments. Once the regulations are passed by Parliament and come into force, we will identify those claimants who have moved to Universal Credit and who are potentially eligible for a payment. Eligible claimants will receive both a lump-sum payment to cover the period since they moved to Universal Credit and then an ongoing monthly payment. At a point to be decided, these monthly payments will be converted into transitional protection, becoming part of the overall Universal Credit award, and treated in the same way as other transitional protection payments. We are aiming to make these payments by spring 2019.
    They still don't seem to be offering the full amount though, but that may still change before this becomes law.
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