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Thread: Your own personal 'Food Bank'.

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    Your own personal 'Food Bank'.

    I answered something similar to this in response to a question about migration to UC, but think it's a good tip for anyone/everyone on benefits.

    You never know if your benefit payment might not go in one week, or your banks computer might go offline and you can't withdraw money or use your card to buy anything.

    Why not put aside a store cupboard and make your own 'food bank'?

    Fill it with long shelf life items -

    • Dried rice, dried pasta, cereals, packet soups, tinned meats/vegetables/fruit, dried fruits/veg, etc.
    • Potatoes can be stored a long time, even longer if they are tinned or packets/tubs of instant mash.
    • You can buy bags of bread mix that just need water adding, how long is it since you baked your own bread?
    • Flour is a good staple to have in, learn to bake again.
      Flour mixed with fat (butter, margarine, lard, any fat, even vegetable cooking oil works) and a drop of water - you've got pastry (or dumplings), add sugar and bake biscuits, sugar and eggs (and maybe milk) you've got a cake to bake (scones if you've used milk).
      Flour and milk makes pancakes, or batter, or Yorkshire Pudding (Just depends on how thick you make it).
      Flour is used to thicken soups, stews, sauces, and gravies.
    • Store some instant powdered custard to have on the cakes/puddings that you've baked.
    • Don't forget tea, coffee, powdered milk, cordials.
    • Tinned evaporated milk can be used in drinks or poured over tinned fruit or over cakes.
    • Stock cubes, curry powder, herbs and spices all keep a long time and add flavour to whatever you are cooking.

    Just add a few items each week as/when you can afford them, it soon builds up to a decent and varied stockpile.

    You could also put in there a tin/jar with some supermarket 'gift vouchers'/savings stamps etc.
    Again buy them gradually as/when you can afford them, but check if they have expiry dates.

    I don't advise making a stockpile of your medications, it can be dangerous to have too much/too many old drugs hanging about.
    But we all do it to a greater or lesser extent. (And it's even been suggested that we do in the run up to brexit).

    These are all things that you can do to build up an 'Emergency' reserve as and when you can afford it.

    Any other good suggestions for what could be put in your own 'Food Bank'?

    PS. I'm not talking about alternative ways of saving money, PO budgeting card, Crdit Unions, Amazon account, PayPal account etc., just things you can put aside yourself at home for use in a benefits 'emergency'.
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    I tend to buy tins of soup beans tomatoes etc when they are on offer.Big soup and Heinz soup have been on for a good price in Asda.
    I have a fridge freezer that doesn't work so we put it in the corner of the conservatory and use it to store tins in and kitchen things like my steamer and slow cooker so they are out of the way.

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