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Thread: Been Disabled - The Costs

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    Been Disabled - The Costs

    before ending up in hospital i was mildly disabled and the costs were fairly staggering to say the least esp with transport costs.

    in hospital over the last month i suffered complications from infection which has and is causing very bad instability with my mobility.

    yes i am allowed some equipment via OT prescriptions but since coming out of hospital so far with extra equipment it has all ready cost me nearly £500.00 this amount includes a rollator which i was unaware i would need to just enable me to get outside and i also need special bed equipment to ease my symptoms while sleeping.

    what gets me with this situation is that we have a rotten government who yes give us money while despising us and claim we do not contribute to society and yet we the sick and disabled are clearly contributing via these mobility companies and god knows what else we have to spend it on just to live and get around.

    input about this more than welcome.

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    Cost of disability is very high. Taking into account of having to modify our house and grounds for me and the equipment I need I think we have spent at least 20 grand over the last 10 years. Not only that the care I have to pay for on top of that lot plus equipment servicing. No mean amount. Those costs will go up as my disability progresses.

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    Hi Mikey just a thought but have you tried the Red Cross for help with equipment ?

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    Things like Perching stools, commodes, grab rails, bed raisers, walking frames, rollers, bath and banana boards etc up to the value of £1000 each are supplied free as needed and aren't means-tested.

    I'm surprised that the hospital hasn't organised a social worker to visit you to assess your needs.

    There are other grants like the 'Disability Facilities Grants that cover major structural changes like installing a wet room, putting a 'through-lift' in or building an extension for a downstairs bedroom. This sort of grant is means-tested.

    You could also look into charitable grants which help people out if they need finance. Check this out

    For useful advice check these out

    If you work and need help getting to work or in work check this out

    There is help out there but research is needed - good luck.

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    The system is more than generous I have found, being severely disabled. going out now for free podiatory treatment, with free mini oxygen bottle, in motability car, taking vat free wheelchair..will list more later

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    How much is enhanced rate of PIP/DLA per month these days ?
    Free bus travel, 30% railcard discount etc etc.
    Call me Mike.

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    the problem gus is that i have basically come out of hospital housebound, instead these should of been dealt with in hospital. i cannot not even get to 2 feet outside and have no family alive to help.

    since Monday i have sat here trying to sort out the total mess it is called a system which has badly let me down.

    a kind neighbour has helped with some shopping but apart from that no nothing and am now waiting for OT and Physio to come and sort the mess out.

    before this crap happened i was fully independent.

    it is not as simple as you may wish to think Gus.

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    Get in touch with adult services at your council,GP will advise on this, also ask GP about community nurse visits, get PIP and if enhanced mobility then Motability car, blue badge , free bridge and motorway tolls, free bus and train pass, nominate a carer and they go free or reduced rate too, there are some volunteer groups that will help with shopping and maybe light chores, but first call is to adult services at council........
    Sorry its so tough at the moment, you do have my sympathy, but you must let the relevant parties know your situation.
    Let us know how you get on.

    PS Don`t know where you get the "They hate us" or "We do not contribute to society"...............Not my experience at all.

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    update after going through page after page thnks to the spammer - Physio has now been sorted and will continue for 4 weeks if no better then passed on to community physio.

    OT once they get their head around this will be coming to assess the washing problems also a falls assessment will be carried out, hopefully this Tuesday.

    i think what is flipping me at the moment is that the ent diagnoses which is causing my mobility to become very unstable wasn't passed on to the physio team and there are a specific manoeuvre exercises which can be carried out to ease the symptoms until other causes have been ruled out.

    the problem is that when ent visited me he apologised about the lack of technical stuff so at the moment it is not clear what is causing the diagnoses he made, if no other cause is found then a certain positional manoeuvre is then carried out by the ent surgeon to halt the symptoms if that doesn't work then there is surgery to correct the problem.

    i would be very interested in how a person goes about finding a PCA or would adult social care go through this?

    i am just so down from been fairly independent to now struggling with simple tasks

    finally i have had my blood test repeated to check my potassium levels i am praying that it is okay or there is more trouble in store.

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