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Thread: Rescheduling esa assessment

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    Rescheduling esa assessment

    I received my esa appointment on the 10th of November for the 22nd of November which I couldn't attend, so I phoned to reschedule the appointment. They asked me if there was any date that I couldn't attend so I told them I couldn't attend between the 30th November and the 5th December as didn't have access to any transport. They said that they didn't have any appointments available before these dates and would send me out an appointment when one becomes available.
    Its been quite a while now and I haven't heard from them. Should I be panicking or just not worry and wait for the appointment to arrive?

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    I wouldn't panic, but it might be worth giving them another ring and asking what's happening.

    They don't like to send out appointment letters too early, you might forget it.
    So if they've nothing available for a while you'll get a letter closer to the date, when they can give you one.

    Of course there is always the possibility that a letter may have been delayed in the post, especially with christmas coming up.

    So best to give them a ring and check.
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    My appointment in february was cancelled by maximus and I didnt get a new one until november, so long delays can happen.

    I dont know what to advise, the advantage of a delayed appointment is ultimately you have extra time between eligibility decisions they cannot backdate a decision to the start of the ESA50 process, but if you miss a letter the consequences are dire, so ringing up to check if you have an appointment can avoid that problem, but if there is no appointment it might push you to an earlier appointment you making the query.

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