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    Pip assessment

    I had my pip assessment last week and can't understand why I was asked certain questions eg how many toilets do I have in my house ? And do I have dogs ? Do I get any help for my autistic daughter who lives with me aged 29 ? And also 30 minutes before my appointment why did the man on reception call me and give no reason when I asked him why he called me he replied with Oh I call everyone ! All of this made me feel very stressed anyone got any answers ?

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    The questions are part of assessing your abilities based on what you have put on your form. For instance if someone has dogs then they are likely to be able to walk and to do other things involved in caring for a dog like bending down to feed and water etc., unless they have another person to do it all. The toilets question could be relevant to someone with incontinence based on how far away the nearst toilet is, or if there is only one upstairs it may indicate how well they can move to get up there multiple times in a day. The question about help with caring for another member of the household may indicate how much they have to do in that role.

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    Thank you for your reply .I am sure a lot of people with disabilities have pets so I think that question is irrelevant. My neighbour has 4 dogs she has no disabilities and never walks them ! Regarding my toilets , I moved to this modern house because when I first got my spinal stenosis I only had a toilet upstairs and it took me 45 minutes to get to it mainly by crawling on my hands and knees

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    PIP assessors will try anything to undermine your claim.
    Call me Mike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gus607 View Post
    PIP assessors will try anything to undermine your claim.
    I was told today that they ' have no decision making capabilities' and the report is 'evidence based'.

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    If you believe that then you may as well believe in the tooth fairy ! It's what the assessor writes in their assessment report or don't write in their assessment report that counts !
    Call in "Spin" if you like.
    Call me Mike.

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    They don't make decisions, the decision maker makes those based on the assessor's report. The DM's don't always go with the assessors verdict after the assessment. Some are good results and others are poor. Luck of the draw.

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