Hello all!, been roaming these forums for years and it seems like a fair and calm place to discuss finances etc!.

So rang the DWP to fill the ESA3 IBR over the phone (there was a time i was scared to phone them but recently each person i have spoken to there where brilliant, friendly non judgmental etc)

Anyhow, So like most people recently i was on Incapacity Benefit and was transferred over in August 2013!. i have been on the exact same money since 2009 and to this very day of £224.10, something about transitional? (Not very good with understanding such words ).

My circumstances are exactly as they where waaaaaay back then, i live with my step mum who receives carers and income support im classed as a non dependent. basically a lodger but i have lived here since birth, I have no partner, i have no savings.

Most if not all of the ESA goes towards bills food rent etc, my step mum contributes but i try not to let her with carers and income support not being very much... im rambling.

I understand that PIP isn't income so we should really ignore that as part of ESA3. So my question is, Since 2013 from what i have told you have i always been eligible for income based esa with the automatic premium?. Also i don't really understand how most people get 110.70 per week but me £112.05, many members have claimed it since around the same time as me, all so comfusing.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the grammar.