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    Gatsby Scooter

    Has anyone got the Eden Gatsby scooter? if so, what are your thoughts on it? Considering buying one but would like some feedback first.

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    Hi Beau,

    Well I've never seen any scooter like that before! It's certainly a head turner and a bit of fun. You can even carry your shopping under the bonnet!

    I think that's a great idea - very retro and stylish!

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    LT, yes a bit of fun and quirky, you can even get it in pink which I think looks like a kid's toy. The black is lovely though. Having a test drive tomorrow but it must be able to go round a chicane at the end of a footbridge plus I have a price for px for mine in mind. If they won't meet what I want or it won't go round the chicane then there is no deal.
    The concern I have is because it is so different will it be knocked into freewheel and pinched when I have to leave it outside of a certain local shop that I can't get round with it and they won't allow me to take it in and park it up inside although there is space to do that.

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    Had the test drive and not for me although I did like the look of it. Didn't feel comfortable on it plus the chicane was very tight, only 1 cm clearance. To make matters worse I scuffed the bumper on a wall going up a dropped kerb onto a narrow pavement going very slowly, never done that with mine, it is my usual route. Thought it was a demo model but no, it was brand new and it looks as if I am going to be charged for the repair. Wasn't told that I would be liable for any damage or I don't think I would have even tried it.
    I am not a happy chappy. I have had years of experience with scooters and never even scratched one. S0ds law that was.
    I will have an argument on my hands when they contact me on Monday.
    They actually offered me an insulting px price for mine too.
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    Eden Mobility have rung at just gone 1pm but our phone never rang out because it is a call blocker phone and the caller has to identify themselves before it rings out. They can't be that bothered or they would have said who it was. They have my mobile number so why didn't they try that.
    Don't get me wrong but I would love to speak to them and tell them a few home truths.

    In actual fact I felt slightly bullied by the rep on Saturday. I think he wanted me to buy it because of the scuff and that is why he said I would be liable for the damage.

    After that experience I will avoid Eden Mobility like the plague. They often deal with elderly and vulnerable people and had I not been strong minded I could have been almost forced into having it, suitable or not.

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