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Thread: Motablity Boss Pay "Obscene"

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    Motablity Boss Pay "Obscene"

    The National Audit Office has criticised the pay and bonus of the CEO and says customers are being overcharged. Full story on the BBC:

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    Regardless of the outcome of the report, I feel we going to suffer if they loose their tax incentives it will end in higher AP. I could never understand mobility operations ltd acquire VAT free vehicles plus the tax incentives, but if you want to buy your car at the end of the lease they want top book value, if you pay for options to make the vehicles more disability user friendly, leather seats (easy access for wheelchair users) or powered tailgate (for mobility scooter or wheelchair users) the list goes on, these options add value to the resale price at the end of the lease, but you still get the basic good condition bonus?.

    It would be nice if some of the manufactures could work with the mobility charity and came on board with a mobility package.
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    I have suffered a Traumatic Subachnoid Brain Haemorrhage several years ago, I do struggle to understand quite simple as well as long postings and can be appear to be quite blunt or rude in my post it is not intentional, it is very difficult to find the right word to explain, it is just part of my condition, please except my apologise in advance, due to my injury I am also very sensitive.

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    Let’s put this to bed (Again!)
    Motability Operations is NOT a charity and is not Motability The Charity.
    Motability Operations is a private company contracted to provide cars to Motability The charity. As a Private company, by law it has to make a profit to survive. This company is making good profits by its handling if buying and selling cars.
    It’s not obscene, it’s normal for a profitable company to pay its directors well.

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    I thought it was put to bed in July 2018 so don’t know why you've got me out of bed again.

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    Well, since you've brought it up... I do understand what the 2 entities are doing, I don't understand the need for both of them existing. Honestly, from the outside, if this wasn't about providing a service to disabled people... the only other thing to justify this would be dodging some taxes or to be able to have profits (while on a charity you cant?). Or as a charity you cant pay bonuses? Anybody with a better understanding why there is a need for the charity and the business? Is the charity just for sponsoring AP for customers than cant afford them? Who gets the incentives from the government, the charity or the business? Is it moral to have such a great service backed by the government but set to make profits?
    On the subject... since we are talking about a business that only deals with disabled people, their only source of money is based on disabled people's income and they are a monopoly setting the prices and the rules at the same time... Allow me to disagree with you. I'm not saying they shouldn't pay the directors, but the amount of bonuses as well as their huuuuge reserves suggest to me that something can be improved there...

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