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Thread: Motablity Boss Pay "Obscene"

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    Motablity Boss Pay "Obscene"

    The National Audit Office has criticised the pay and bonus of the CEO and says customers are being overcharged. Full story on the BBC:

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    Regardless of the outcome of the report, I feel we going to suffer if they loose their tax incentives it will end in higher AP. I could never understand mobility operations ltd acquire VAT free vehicles plus the tax incentives, but if you want to buy your car at the end of the lease they want top book value, if you pay for options to make the vehicles more disability user friendly, leather seats (easy access for wheelchair users) or powered tailgate (for mobility scooter or wheelchair users) the list goes on, these options add value to the resale price at the end of the lease, but you still get the basic good condition bonus?.

    It would be nice if some of the manufactures could work with the mobility charity and came on board with a mobility package.
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