Hello :-)

Hope everyone's having a good weekend.

Having some real difficulties after wisdom tooth flaring up. I called a community dental place that was advertised as being for mentally/physically disabled, but no help, except telling me to see my dentist. No fillings for years, so only very brief interactions with dentist. Was able to get an emergency dental appointment, and it's hard to speak about things so I handed him a note explaining severe dissociation from trauma/abuse, v bad arthritis, total overwhelm/risk of mind damaged worse, and requesting general anaesthetic for any extraction (loose front tooth also, despite good regime, but from years of having smoked).

Surprised he didn't do an x-ray, but just quickly wrote a prescription for antibiotics, which finish in the morning, when I need to call again. I worry that having mentioned emotional/dissociation issues, the dentist may have switched to thinking that means I'm unintelligent/can be fobbed off, and I'm concerned there may be an nhs cost thing happening ... if there's money to pay extra for GA, I'd definitely do that, but no advice has been offered. I did many years of carework, and have not been able to have critical surgeries, or therapy later, from fallout of that, due to abuses. Not greedy or lazy, etc, which sometimes is the unfair view of people on benefits. Being able to have GA would still be difficult emotionally and travel-wise, but I honestly cannot see my mind keeping 'together' otherwise; would be very grateful for it, and able to continue to function.

I can only bite with a couple of teeth, and chew with a few teeth on the other side of mouth. Feeling even more unwell, and if there's resistance to hospital extractions, I worry about further infection or effect on health due to not being able to eat properly, which ironically would probably end up with hospital anyway. As well as not being able to cope with seeing/hearing what goes on, I worry that under local anaesthetic I may be unpredictable, due to intrusive mental health episodes and a lot of emotional distress. Very concerned that already bad health is worse, and risk of worsening.

I would be extremely grateful for any advice, and thank you for your time.