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Thread: claimant commitment/jobcentre abuse

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    claimant commitment/jobcentre abuse

    morning to all

    Firstly my apologies for a seemingly confused post but I am in a very confused and anxious state at present.

    I have been blind in one eye since birth and following an accident at work appx 3 years ago I have been left partially sighted in the other.

    I am looking for any kind of work (mainly to help my sanity) and currently claim job seekers allowance, I have been on regular courses that I have been required to attend and have never missed an appointment or failed to attend.
    My usual work coach/advisor has always been so helpful and understanding and has always tried her best to point me in the right direction.

    Yesterday I had to see a different advisor as my usual was away, this has happened many times and has never been an issue but from the moment I sat down it seemed as though Armageddon had arrived. I said morning to her and she replied "what did you say to me", I replied good morning. This attitude continued in her raised voice asking what I had done to find work, I explained my searches and gave her my list of online applications and 2 compliment slips from employers I had visited on the off chance. she did not look at anything at all, she demanded to know how I had got to the jobcentre today if I could not see, I tried to explain that I use my local community transport service for wherever I need to go or my daughter takes me if she is not at work. she said that did not sound conceivable to her ?

    I told her I had been to a group interview at Tesco which had a few vacancies, one was based in the car park and they said due to health and safety it would not be safe for me to apply, the other was in a contained fenced yard and involved breaking down and folding boxes and putting them into cage containers, the advisor flew at me and said that's got to be a lie, if you cant work in a car park you cant work in a yard with lorries, I said there were no lorries it was a fenced in yard, she said that's fake and she knew it.

    She then referred to my claimant commitment book and demanded to know why it was not filled in etc, I said I did not know why. she started to tell me I should be doing 35 hours search and recording it in the book, I tried to explain that I was unable to do that and could only provide a separate sheet printed from my voice based programme, she carried on in this way until I was virtually a wreck, then to my astonishment she THREW my book onto the floor and called for a security guard to give it to me saying I am not signing her, its all rubbish. she said I should be on ESA because I am a liability, again I said I had spoken with my gp and we decided I was not sick and was capable given a chance, she said that's because he does not believe you. ( Moorfields eye hospital and my consultants reports are available)

    A man waiting for his appointment came over to assist me and asked the security to call for the manager, the advisor said not to waste her time by doing that.

    A lady came and said she was the line manager and took me into her office and just basically said the same about 35 hours and she had spoken to the advisor who said I should have a sanction, as I did not provide information as regulated, but would on this occasion allow me to sign on, I signed what I thought was my coupon and she read out my next appointment and time, then called in another advisor who asked me to sign again on my own file coupon, she then said I could go.

    I had absolutely no idea where I was and being in such a confused state I found it difficult to get out of the building, once the shock had hit me, I was so tearful and full of panic that I realised I did not know how to get home, I asked a lady at a bus stop if she could point me in the right direction but I was in such a state she asked if she could phone someone for me or get me a taxi cab, which I very gratefully accepted.

    Now I am frightened to go back, is there anything I can do or should do or am I being a complete wimp.

    My daughter has told me to ask about a reasonable adjustment scenario but I wonder am I doing the wrong thing.

    sorry for the rant, I have not told my family the whole story because I feel to embarrassed.

    please can you help

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    Awful.......You must get in touch with your MP about this. I wish I could help more.

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    I agree with Stree, print off what you have posted here and contact your MP and forward your post. Also complain to the DWP complaints dept with what you have posted too. Someone on here will know their contact details.
    That Job Centre needs to be hauled over the coals.

    Bl00dy little Hitlers they are.

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    thank you both for your reply

    I have tried to search for dwp contact details, but I don't think I am saying the correct search term or my audio is not quite getting the sounds,

    I did listen to a thread that if you complain about job centre staff, then they will make your life a merry hell and get a sanction put in for every minor infringement.

    I admit that the thought of this happening over and over would see the end of me, I am not a youngster, I am 54 and maybe that's the problem, they think I am unemployable now.

    thank you again

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    Appalling attitude, people like that should not be customer facing. I feel you really need to do a complaint, the least stressful way to submit the complaint is probably via your MP as the alternative involves writing to the DWP first, and then awaiting their response and then after that going to the ICE here.

    The two main issues I See was (a) she was rude to you, you treat people with the same respect you expect back, and (b) she ignored your disabilities.

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    Hi, you do not need to allow these people to access your online account it's data protection, unless they put it in writing as an order you only need a job search on paper printed or pencil they have no rights for access so get someone to switch it to private! And remember 35 hour's includes travel to do the searches at a library or go for interviews it doesn't mean sitting in front of a PC or handing out Curriculum vitae for 35 hrs. Take it further and if you get sanctioned appeal it. The Department Work and Sanctions are no help whatsoever they'll be the one's looking for work soon! Won't need job centre's soon or the trash in them!

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    Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) works to protect people with disabilities – including blind and partially sighted people – from discrimination. Please note that the DDA now only applies in Northern Ireland. England, Scotland and Wales are covered by the Equality Act 2010

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    It wasn't at Skegness Job Center by any chance?

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    I am so sorry you were treated that way, it makes my blood boil sometimes. My sister had a similar experience a couple of years ago when they put her on the Work Programme. I strongly urge you to follow the advice on here and complain.
    My sister followed the same route as the advice given by 'worried33'. I hope this incident was a one off and that you don't have to put up with that disgusting behaviour again. Keep us posted.

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    hi again and thank you all so very much for your replies.

    I have been able to access the equality act 2010 on audio, and am slowly digesting it.
    My daughter has copied my original post and included a copy of the so called commitment book that she falsely made me sign, and has sent it all via email to my MP, she has had a receipt acknowledgement, but so far no reply.

    I must confess that this mess has made me ill and I have been having all sorts of problems with panic attacks and not being able to sleep, my GP thinks I am getting myself in a state because its nearly time to go back there.

    doing further searches on the 35 hours, every article I hear relates to universal credit new style jsa, but I am not on universal credit, just income based JSA and PIP. The universal credit for my area is not fully up and running and my advisor said she does not know how it will affect me because I only claim jsa, no other things such as housing benefit or council tax reduction.

    does anybody have any information on asking for reasonable adjustments to the 35 hours

    many thanks again

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