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Thread: Just a BIG thank you.

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    Smile Just a BIG thank you.

    Hiya Boys & Girls..

    This post is to say a big "Thank you" to the Yourable forum and it's members.
    My E.S.A. was stopped earlier this year (after the usual farcical medical) leaving me with just my P.I.P. payments per month to live on.
    After seeking advice from you guys, my E.S.A. was reinstated at the end of October, and it's now back in regular payment again.
    The advice you gave me helped me to hold my nerve, and stopped me from falling into the Universal Credit trap.

    Special thanks going out to members "Nukecad" and "Jard" who had a calming influence on my nerves at a very difficult time.
    It looks like this could very well be a merry Christmas, and all being well, a happy new year too.

    I wish all of the "Yourable" members the very same thing.

    Many thanks again.... Gary.

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    Good to hear it's all settled down now.

    Have a good Christmass and New Year.
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    Pleased everything got sorted for you Gary and have a good Christmas

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