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Thread: Can I Get Reading Glasses On NHS?

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    Can I Get Reading Glasses On NHS?

    I have recently been given Income Related entitlement on top of my Contributions Based ESA, as a result of the big review that's going on. So I am now entitled to free eye tests and glasses.

    I haven't had an eye test since the 90s, so will definitely be booking one. I don't think I need glasses for distance as I have no problems there. However, now that I'm over 50 my reading vision has deteriorated and I currently use cheap ready-readers from Asda. When I go for the test, would I be entitled to reading glasses either free or subsidised by The NHS? Or is it only distance glasses that The NHS allow?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    yes you can get them you will get a voucher for £40 anything over that you have to pay yourself.

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    You will probably do better getting your eyes tested instead of relying on an approx from ASDA. In nearly 30 years, your eyesight is bound to have changed, and a professional can pick up all kinds of underlying problems.

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    Here in Scotland Everyone are entitled to FREE Eye Tests. I personally choose NHS Glasses, some of them are really well designed, that way I do not have to pay at all for my Glasses. I have not paid for a pair of Glasses for over 15 years no.
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    There are actually different values of vouchers depending on how strong/complex your glasses need to be.

    More about NHS optical vouchers:

    And an idea of what you might expect to get get with a voucher:
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    My daughter has just got 2 pairs of glasses and she didn't have to pay for them She is on income support.

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    My voucher was valued at £85.
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    Can I Get Reading Glasses On NHS

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