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Thread: ESA assessment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fight4Justice View Post
    Yes it's not fair. Just got to hope they allow the audio recording.

    I've been through the tribunal process twice with PIP, winning both times at the tribunal. I haven't had problems with ESA yet. I think it's worth bringing up that you're in receipt of PIP at the ESA assessment. I did that my last ESA reassessment, I don't know if it helped me or not. But I did get the result I wanted i.e. staying in the support group. I think the fact that my last reassessment was audio recorded, was the key reason for my success. I don't know this for sure though.

    If worse comes to worse and they don't allow the audio recording. And you then fail the assessment because the assessor lied. It's best to just go through the process and not give up. My understanding is they don't give you any ESA benefit during the one month Mandatory Reconsideration (MR) phase. But you will start receiving the assessment rate if you then go to tribunal after failing the MR. You should also still be able to receive the Enhanced Disability Premium, and Severe Disability Premium on top of the ESA assessment rate, if you're eligible for them, whilst waiting for your tribunal. I hope neither of us have to go through this. But I'm prepared to fight them all the way to tribunal if I need to.
    Thanks Fight4justice. I’ve been on esa since 2009 and only got esa twice without going to court. Had to go court twice and won both cases. Same with PIP. Always win with court. Got a court date for my PIP coming soon.

    Just not what someone with mental health problems need. As soon as I get pip assessment done they call me in for ESA. It’s stressful especially for someone who does not handle stress well.

    It was put in my esa forms that I would be recording it so the dwp/atos know this as it was written in the forms done in August last year

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    I had mine in December recorded and my previous one too. You ring up and ask and they'll re-schedule it if someone else is having theirs recorded at that time and was booked first. They reckon there's only one tape machine at each centre. They were very nice when I rang and rang me back next day with the new appointment about a week after the first was scheduled.

    Both times when she asked me at the reception desk to sign the consent forms for recording it, people waiting piped up that they didn't know you could have it recorded as they would have done too. It says in the booklet of notes that you get with the appointment letter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charliebar84 View Post

    My last one I refused to answer any more questions when telling the ‘assessor’ I didn’t go out shopping he asked where did I buy my knickers then?!

    Sounds a bit of a pervy one. Should have reported him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby123 View Post
    There is no point in stressing about recording it recording it doesn't guarantee that the assessor won't lie and if they do and you need to do an MR and tribunal the DWP and tribunal don't listen to the recording anyway.
    I can point out here on my 2nd ESA WCA, the DM overruled the ATOS assessor on the basis of the recording. It was overruled from FFW 3 points to 18 points SG. Saved me a probable tribunal and 2 years of hell. This wasnt even a MR, basically I got a phone call from the DM, about a month after the WCA, I was asked if I what I declared during the face to face was truthful (clearly the DM heard it on the recording), I said yes, and asked do you need me to send evidence, they said no need, they would be changing the recommended descriptor appropriately, and that was the end of the matter.

    The recording gets sent to the DM, and may be used as a part of the evidence.

    In addition if it goes to tribunal, a recording authorised by Maximus would be admissable as evidence in a tribunal whilst a stealth one done on a phone would not.

    So I certainly dont consider recording assessments pointless.
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    An update -

    I phoned again last week to see if I could record and was told my new appointment was cancelled and they’re waiting on a new date. Told him what dates I couldn’t do and that I preferred Wednesday mornings as that’s when someone can come with me 100%.

    Yesterday I got a new appointment for Monday 4th feb. Phoned today saying I couldn’t make it as I had hospital appointment and the note on the system was that I preferred Wednesday mornings.

    he told me he wouldn’t change it and I had to make myself more available.

    I replied my hospital was more important as it’s an appointment to keep me alive and I request wednesdays as my sister can come. Due to my mental health and anxiety I can’t go out alone.

    He told me not to bother turning up and i’ll get a form after so I better have a good excuse for not going.

    i started crying and hung up on him then had a massive panic attack that if I don’t go they’ll stop my money.

    this is really taking its toll on my health now. I can’t cope with it I really can’t
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    Preempt the form (probably good reason to not attend letter) and contact the DWP, a hospital appointment is recognised by the DWP to take priority over a WCA appointment.

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