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    UC Full service

    Had to call UC Full service this morning and whilst on phone asked if they’d received my UC50 form, he checked and said it looks like a decision has been made but went to speak to a colleague, when he came back he didn’t tell me much just said to check my online statement in the next few days to see if the LCWRA element has been been added. I asked if a decision had been made and he just said to check my journal and if the LCWRA element was there. I then asked about prognosis date and he said there wasn’t one but if they wanted to see me again they can call me in any time in the next couple of years . All in all very cagey and non the wiser . Does the online journal have the prognosis date ? Or anyone had similar experience? Also will they write to me with a decision or will it just be in the journal ?

    Thanks for any help

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    Not sure of the answer to any of those questions with UC.

    The prognosis date will be recorded somewhere, but will it be on the Journal? (I suspect not).

    I suspect that he was being cagey simply because he didn't know the answers or where to find them, and they don't like to admit that.

    I guess that you are probably the trailblazer for us about this, please let us know what happens.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    First time I would’ve been a trailblazer in my life lol

    It’s all a bit messy because my reassessment and move from live service to full service happened almost at the same time so I’m expecting things not to be smooth with either, I’m just really hoping that if I’ve got a positive outcome it’ll be at least for 12 months . I really couldn’t go through this again this year .

    Should I still get something in writing with regards to the decision?

    Of course I’ll post what the outcome has been .

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    when last in the JC i was told by a member of staff my prognosis date on her screen said march 2018 , i asked her ware i could find it on my UC account , she said you wont be able to see it , its only availble to JC staff , but what the UC helpline staff can see on there screen i dont know.

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    Ok thanks all .

    Yeah I don't think the prognosis date will be on my online account, ATM I can't even access a statement and I thought we could see them on there.

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    Just got a letter this morning saying my UC account had been closed , called them up and it coz I was moved from LS to FS but the letter had no mention of this at all , so if anyone else gets this letter don’t panic but best to call them up just in case .

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    They probably wont put the date on there for the same reason it doesnt get put on decision letters.

    Because if they did what happens if you get reassessed before that date, there would be appeals and more, and the DWP probably dont want to be put in a position where they obliged to not reassess someone before the prognosis date, they will much prefer the "any time after 3 months".

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