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Thread: Requirements/implications of disability for insurance?

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    Requirements/implications of disability for insurance?

    Hi everyone, I'm struggling a bit with what's needed here and don't want to make an expensive mistake.
    I have mobility and hand grip / pain issues but only badly enough for standard rate pip.
    I have finally got fed up of not going anywhere much because of pain walking and bought a wheelchair with attachable electric handlebars which is really terrific. I've already taken the kids out for a short walk which I haven't managed for a few years.
    Anyway, I'm getting a lot of pain driving a manual car and finally I can afford to change it. I've 4 children, most teens and want to take them, wheelchair, luggage with me on trips away.
    I've put a deposit on an ex mobility Vito van with five seats, platform wheelchair lift and some pre existing driving adaptations. I'm thrilled with them because I can use buttons not gearstick and it's got super light steering with a ball thing on the steering wheel.
    I had a (voluntary) driving assessment at a disability living centre to check I am safe with driving and completely am. Consultant and physio say I've no issues that impact driving. I've a form of arthritis so my research doesn't say I have to report to DVLA.
    So, sorry for long back story.....
    The question is, what do I say to insurer and/or DVLA?
    Currently I've not been asked about disabilities by insurance or if I have a blue badge which I do.
    I can drive without the adaptations that the vehicle has, though I will no doubt be a lot more comfortable with them, and in the future as I deteriorate it'll be even more useful.
    I'm scared of jumping into a declaration of disability with insurers though, without knowing whether they'll put me into a hyper expensive 'box' which I could maybe avoid for a bit longer? I know my travel insurance has been much more expensive.
    Anything you folks could tell me would be really helpful!
    Thank you!

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    The first advise is to not lie in your answers to the insurance companies as that I'm sure would make for a great case for them to invalid any claims. I remember I was asked in the insurance application form if I have any disabilities that DVLA are aware of or something like that. Try getting quotes on comparison sites and see if you notice any difference in declaring the disability, but as I said, I would go with declaring it anyway. You might even get a better deal?
    Where did you find the ex motability vito van? is it with a dealer?

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    I don’t know the exact laws with car insurance but I know there not allowed to discriminate against anyone who is disabled.

    My experiences of this is after losing my DLA to PIP claim in November 2017 I had to buy my Motability car and in turn had to tax and insure it.

    Motability gave me a letter for proof of NCB because you don’t get any being a Motability customer and the insurance company I chose accepted that letter as proof of NCB but they never asked about my disability but I did provide my driving licence number and that tells anyone viewing that that my car has to be adapted for me to drive so going on that I would say if It’s good enough for DVLA it must be good enough for insurance.

    Just to add, I took the DWP to court with an appeal and won so I’m back with Motability now and gave up my personal insurance last November and they gave me a 5 years NCB letter and I hope I never need it as the judge at my appeal made it clear to DWP that having anything less than maximum allowance of 10 years would be inappropriate in my case.

    OP, did you consider appeal.

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    There are several Insurance Companies that specialise in Motor Insurance for Disabled Drivers. One company is Fish and well worth talking to them as they are very helpful. There are others and can be found if you ask Mr Google.
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