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    Inpatient scans


    I like some advice and an opinion please

    my father is in Bedford hospital and he has now been waiting for 2 inpatient scans, I believe ct is one and a urology camera is the other, for 2 day and is getting anxious to have them and wants to go home. he would be released from hospital, if the scans show it is all ok.
    how long should it normally take for inpatient scans to happen? do they normally not get prioritised? do they not want to free up beds like his, if there is no reason to keep him in?

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    Usually scans for inpatients are done much quicker, although he will have to wait for a free slot, than if booked as an outpatient. Much as he may dislike being stuck in hospital he needs to stick with it.

    My hubby was kept in hospital for 5 days waiting for a biopsy slot, later in the day it was finally done he was allowed home.
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