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Thread: No more Vivaldi??

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    No more Vivaldi??

    From the answer to an FoI request posted today -

    The Department continually looks to improve customer experience and is currently reviewing
    the ‘on hold’ music it uses.

    PS. I note that the reply did not contest the fact that you may be waiting 'on hold' for up to an hour. (They usually try to say it's only a few minutes).
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    Probably put "The laughing Policeman" on instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stree View Post
    Probably put "The laughing Policeman" on instead.
    Or Billy Joel's "The Longest Time" would be more appropriate . . .

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    How about Blondie's "Hanging On The Telephone?"

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    The Jam. That's Entertainment lol.
    I'm glad that tune is history you needed help for mental health after an hour of that.

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