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Thread: Direct payment and holiday

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    Direct payment and holiday

    Hi all,

    I am on direct payment and I get respite in my package. For 4 years it has been in my care plan for me to save it so I can have a holiday with the family as I do not want to go in to a care home and be away from my children. It has taken this long as we have been saving and my health has not been good. Now I have been told that they don't do this and I can not use my respite money for this even though I have it in my care plan for the last 4 years they have said they don't cover travel accommodation or food, I understand the food side but my husband and boys care for me and we wanted to be together. Can they do this?

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    I'm sure someone will be more clued up on this and will answer later.

    But as far as I am aware the direct payment is only to be used to pay for your care, eg. employing a carer.

    It could be used to pay for a carer to accompany/support you on a holiday, but I don't believe that it can be used to pay for your holiday itself.
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    I receive a budget from social services. I can't use it to pay for the holiday or pay staffs holiday costs but I can use it to pay for staff wages. I can't empty family either or use budget to pay for family to accompany me holiday.

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