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Thread: Warm Home Discount

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    Warm Home Discount

    Hi all, not posted in a while though I read posts from others often.
    I have been placed, recently in the support group, after having a face to face.
    I was wondering about the warm home scheme, and whether I qualify or not.I've received an email inviting me to apply for it from my current supplier,I wasnt too sure about how the support group works,or if i get a sdp or the other one,sorry dont know off hand what the othere component is.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    floppy feet

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    Hi FF, great news you been placed in SG for ESA. As for Warm Home Front scheme application, many suppliers now have an online application capability, so once you have read this, please, please, ASAP, log onto your electric supplier website and complete the online application form. Don't worry if you don't think you qualify or not, that is for them to decide (obviously once you have completed the inline application honestly!).

    I urge you to do this ASAP the scheme is not open all year and some suppliers also do it on 1st come 1st served, what are you waiting for?

    The application should only take 5 - 10 mins maximum & don't worry if you don't have proof of the benefits required or other qualifying materiial, they will do the checks for you. Please complete and let us know how you get on. Good luck. Any further probs, obviously come back to us.

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    Hi spencer69
    I have completed the form but I didn't know if my benefit included SDP or any other, component so chose the answer on the form as recieving the one for limited capability for work .

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    Hi FF, glad you completed form and should get a reply either granting or refusing grant. Anyway, as I don't know which supplier you are with and therefore don't know (currently) their criteria I ca't advise any further. So 1st, you're on ESA and in SG-that much is clear. You mention the SDP & you don't knwo if you are reciving this. OK, to begin with SDP is a premium paid to claimants who have DLA middle rate care or high rate care and under PIP either standard or enhanced care awarded-Do you have any of these?

    Next question is, if you do have any of the DLA/PIP awards for care, you should look at info for SDP online-there are many sources which will quickly tell you if you should be receiving SDP. Such questions as-do you have anybody living with you/do you have a carer that is paid Carers Allowance (which will have impact on your own benefits, if you are able to claim SDP).

    I hope somebody else will be along shortly to confirm my little input aove but also go much further as they have much more knowledge.

    Main question at moment is which supplier are you with, so we can look at criteria and match against yours to advise you further. It could even be the case that by time we have answered, you may have received reply from supplier!

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    Hi FF, just need to add to above, although have givien a little info on SDP, it isn't always necessary to be in receipt of this to claim warm home discount. Looking at my suppler, SSE, their list of criteria as far as ESA group is concerned, is, you must be in receipt of Income Related ESA (which you could be receiving due to premiums added if you awared DLA or PIP).

    However, looking at criteria for SSE-if you receive Income Related ESA I would have chosen this 'group' adding/ticking that you also receive Support Group component, which for SSE would mean you are entitled. Anyway, as you say in your 1st post, they actually emailed you about WHF scheme application and you have sent applciation off. Apart from confirming you are entitled, can always leave it to them and wait for reply. Let's hope it goes through and you get the award.

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    The application should only take 5 - 10 mins maximum & don't worry if you don't have proof of the benefits required or other qualifying materiial, they will do the checks for you. Please complete and let us know how you get on. Good luck. Any further probs, obviously come back to us.[/QUOTE]

    Ive been getting the warm home discount years without needing proof of benefits at all, until this year.
    Seemingly I was picked at random for proof of benefits. After a couple weeks and sending them letter after letter they still wernt happy so I called the DWP for proof of benefits letter and they eventually accepted that

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    Also another reason to do it ASAP is some of us have been waiting a LONG time for anything to happen.

    I applied in early December and still nothing from my supplier, I got told that they typically expect to wait 2 months from the DWP, and I will only hear from them if they not going to give me the credit on my bill.

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    Hi, Can only add that think it was only this year (and maybe last) that we received WHD of £140 credited to elec account early-whay was a surprise. Evey other year, the £140 had been credited at the end of March! However, from again from memory, am sure we had always received notification from supplier advising 'that from info received we may be entitled to warm home discount'.

    There is still a good few weeks for anybody who has applied for the credit to go to elec account.

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    Just wanted to add just checked my meter and they have added £140 to my gas meter, so happy!

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    still nothing here from mid dec when I applied, to march nothing.

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