Trabasack are please to present a new free pdf guide to using switches for assistive technology, gaming and communication.

The full contents on offer is as follows:

Introduction – What is Switch Technology

An introduction to the subject, what exactly switches are, how they can be used and what is required to activate them successfully.

Advantages of Switch Technology

A look at how switches can benefit individuals with a range of disabilities and how they can aid learning, development and communication, as well as fun. We also touch upon how switches can aid teachers too as an additional method for assessment.

Types of Switches

A look at some of the most popular types of switches available on the market from specialist retailers, how they are activated and what they can be used for, whether it's specific skill development or general use.

Determining Correct Switch Positioning

A summary of our post on switch positioning, we discuss exactly how you can ensure a switch is positioned correctly and the questions you should ask yourself before determining positioning.

Simple Switch Activities

A look at some simple but fun activities you can do with switches for play, entertainment and educational purposes.

Switch Mounting

The importance of switch mounting, choosing a mount and why we believe the Trabasack product range is ideal in this circumstance.

More Useful Information and Links

A nod to some of the leading professionals in the field and their respective links.

This guide is designed to give parents, carers and educators an introduction to switch technology and how it can benefit a range of learners in a range of different ways, whether it be in a classroom, therapeutic or home environment.

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Free pdf guide to switch mounting