Hi all - I'm returning after years away from these parts, i anticipate problems with my long-standing IB claim being transferred over to ESA.

My form's been sent, and a duplicate by recorded delivery after postal problems resulting in my original not making its way there, surprise surprise.
From the literature that came with it, i notice that the rate of ESA is below that of my current IB. My benefit rate (assuming i score enough points from the WCA) will be frozen until the rate of ESA catches up.

I remember seeing David Cameron defending the changes to benefits on tv where he said that those who continue onto the new benefit will be better off. Have i missed something?
We've all heard of the 'squeezed middle' but it's us lot at the bottom of the pile who get squeezed hardest. In the past 5 years, there have been 2 occasions where benefits were supposed to increase by 5% or more due to the September inflation rate. On both occasions my benefit has gone up by just 2%. My personal inflation rate is closer to 20%, energy being the biggest culprit. Please don't tell me about the squeezed middle.

Can someone please tell me the current rate of ESA?