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Thread: advice needed please

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    advice needed please

    hi, i'm new to the site so not sure if im in quite the right place?
    basic background is,
    im in receipt of e.s.a. and d.l.a. i suffer from o.c.d. panic attacks/anxiety ( i am not able to travel alone and my wife has to go with me wherever we manage to go).
    i also have two children and two elderly infirm parents ( whom my wife and myself look after with things like cleaning and moving heavy objects e.t.c. and my son does the garden for them).
    This afternoon my wife had a phone call from our local job center, asking if she wanted to use their services to find employment, at the time they mentioned that they knew that i have claimed for the above benefits on my wifes & childrens behalf aswell as myself, and she said that aswell as looking after my parents ,she also has her own health problems that would not enable her to work ( pelvic congestion syndrome with severe pain from that, and very frequent migraines most days), for which she has to have daily medication for that make her sleepy and other side effects.

    We are both worried for various reasons.
    Firstly, is this a normal thing for the job centers to do ?
    secondly, could somone have reported us in a malicious way, and that is why they have contacted us ?
    as my wife has to be around for me all of the time, could they make her go out to work, or take our benefits away ?

    I know i wont be the only person with these type of worries, and that there is allot more detail to mine and my wifes health problems, and i personally would like nothing more than to be rid of my mental health problems, and to be able to work and earn money( is it possible to work totally from home so i could earn a wage instead of having to beg for benefits, it feels so degrading ?).

    also , when at the doctors today, our g.p. asked my wife if she works, & we explained the situation, & she asked if she( my wife) recieves a carers allowance or attendance allowance ( i think it was that?). we said that we have not claimed for anything like that because we were once told by citizens advice that we could be pushing our luck, and have all benefits taken from us, and also dont want to be greedy ( already feel like we are scroungers and a burden on the tax payer).
    i hope i have not confused you too much , and that you can offer some help please.

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    You're on ESA - I assume it's income related and DLA. You haven't said what rate of care or mobility you're on.

    You're GP was asking your wife if she works to establish if she brings in more than £100 per week If she does and you get the middle or higher rate of the care component of DLA then she couldn't claim Carer's Allowance.

    Your doctor asked if your wife was on Attendance Allowance - if she is then she must be over 65.

    Sometimes people who are on DLA care component and if their partner gets AA they can claim Carer's Allowance for each other.

    Without knowing the facts that's all I can assume.

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    It is likely that your children are now both of an age when either or both parents can be required to sign on again for benefits. (I think the child age for that is 7 at the moment.)
    Since you are on ESA they won't bother you - unless you have the medical and are put in the Work Related Activity Group the Jobcentre should leave you alone for the time being. But your wife still benefits from your benefit claim for the family, and if she doesn't get ESA herself, and if the children have reached that age, she can be targeted as the one who should be seeking work.
    There may be things you can do as a family to avoid this.
    First - if you get DLA Care at middle or high rate your wife could claim Carers Allowance for looking after you. Or she could claim Carers Allowance for looking after one of your parents - if one of them gets Attendance Allowance.
    Or she could make a claim for ESA herself if her GP considers her unfit for work. She could also make a claim for DLA herself. That wouldn't in itself prevent her from having to seek work, but could ease the pressure on her a little.
    I can't understand why you were advised in the past that you would be 'pushing your luck' but would guess that perhaps you were considering trying to get an increase in the level of your DLA? That could well be the case of course, but it would be worth taking advice on that again. However if neither of your parents get Attendance Allowance they would have nothing at all to risk by applying, which would get the ball rolling in the right direction I think.

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    o.k . thanks for both of your replies, i will get the more detailed info and get back to you.

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