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Thread: Water bills-how much do you pay?

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    I have no alternative here, everyone is on a meter
    I know I pay a lot more than some in other areas and don't understand why
    I live alone, I do only 1 load of washing most weeks
    I have huge mh issues around personal washing so that doesn't happen often either
    I very rarely have visitors
    and no - I don't sluice my flat either and yet my bills are more than some of you as couples
    I even have a 'hippo' in my loo so it uses less water

    I also think it is wrong that the water company charges everyone in the flats a charge for surface water or whatever that is
    when I asked them they said it is for dealing with the water from roof and ground

    so one building - gets 5 payments for the same thing for all of our flats

    since I am on the middle floor - I have neither ground nor roof

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    1 bed 1 person haven't had this years bill but last yr it was £34 p.m. 20 yrs ago i worked for a water company doing the billing and water bills used to be calculated on the rateable value of the property not size or amount of people don't know if it's still done that way

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    water meters just charge for water in - and then waste water out is estimated as a percentage of that, plus the ground/rain water
    oh and then of course the 'standing charge'!!

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    Water bill came this morning, annual bill only, Thames water 2bed flat 2 people £158.45 for the whole year including WaterSurePlus discount.

    Never paid monthly.

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    wow that is cheap and I see from their web site I would qualify - if I lived there


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    Hi archer, know about the watersure scheme-as far as United Utilities concerned-this stands at £430.00 approx-only the 1 figure. There is nothing like a watersure discount as far as United Urilities co., concerned. The £430 figure is £50 more per year that our current bill. No doubt this is done as an average but what what about all those customers of UU unde the average? No way of winning.

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