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Thread: DWP want full direct access to claimants medical records!

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    DWP want full direct access to claimants medical records!


    Has anyone else seen this?
    The DWP want to speed up the claims process and they've decided the best way (for them!) is to develop a technology that allows the DWP direct access to a claimants full medical records, not just GP but ALL records held.
    They are already paying someone to make this happen! How can this be legal, I give the DWP permission to contact people who are involved in my care, to ask them questions that are RELEVANT to the PIP claim. I dont give the DWP full access to my whole medical records, they are confidential!
    They also do not guarantee that the information would only be used for the purpose of the claim.
    If the NHS allow this surely they are breaching confidentiality?

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    I would not be happy about this - as you say, I'm happy for them to have relevant information with my specific consent, but I don't want some DWP person (or anyone else for that matter) having full access to confidential information.

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    this is outrageous
    even nhs clinical staff don't have access to all health records

    I think that would be totally illegal

    and to be honest - laughable - when the dwp don't take any notice of what our gp's/consultants/specialists say in reports or letters or whatever

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    I'd like to see it happen. By which I mean theres not a snowballs chance of it working. My partner has had a devil of a job trying to get the professionals involved in his care to access the notes they have already!! It seems radiology does not talk to renal, and haemotology.....One hospital cannot access records from another. Historical records (he's had this condition for 30 years)....well no one know where they are. And yet he gets asked When were you diagnosed" He was seven, so not going to recall that!!!!!
    What about PRE digital records? Oh yeah this is scheme which sounded great in the boardroom, but when it gets to the clerks on the cliff face who have to find these records............they can tell the experts why its doomed to failure

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    What about The Data Protection Act? Or does that only work one way? In their favour!

    Why are the Department of Workhouses and Penury prepared to wade through enormous amounts of irrelevant information? unless it's to find the tiniest of nuggets that mean they can refuse or reduce PIP claims.

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    I dont know, but they have already done a trial last year, it doesn't say whether the claimants involved in the trial were aware there records were accessed in this way.
    There is no way I'm allowing this, and will speak to my GP surgery and make them aware that I do not agree. If everyone refuses to allow this type of access then hopefully it wont be viable and they will abandon the idea.

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    reddivine It wont 'work' in the sense that it will enable a fast and accurate result. But do you think that is their top priority lol
    It will 'work' in the sense that if your medical records dont corroborate what you say you will be refused, if thats down to lack of departments sharing information, and records not being up to date then thats win-win for them.

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    sparkle that was my thinking too
    that they would simply be using it as a way of undermining everything we say

    I am so sick of feeling like a flipping criminal

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    I can't see a problem, at the subsequent tribunal you would only have to make one statement, the DWP had complete access to my medical records, why did the DWP turn my claim down ?
    Call me Mike.

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    My initial reaction was “no problem, bring it on”.

    On reflection I’m not quite so sure.

    Hopefully it would weed out anyone blatantly lying, but what about those with more variable conditions? Or those who only need help some of the time? Where would be the balance or protection from someone at the DWP seizing a note about how the patient “coped fine” today for instance? I’ve seen some of my notes and things have been misrepresented in that days have been noted where I travelled alone to hospital, but the days where I had family accompany me weren’t noted.

    After reading the proposal it seems that they’re only trying to work out how/if their plans are possible. It’s not about centralising all data in one place, it’s a method for them to _request_ data, much like they already do via post, but doing it online would be much faster.
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