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Thread: When you can't access your wheelchair accessible vehicle?

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    When you can't access your wheelchair accessible vehicle?


    I have a wheelchair accessible vehicle on Motability. 99% of journeys I am on my own and I am the driver.

    I try my best to park in places where people cannot park behind me and therefore deny me access to my vehicle. In Scotland, you can park for an unlimited time on double yellow lines, except where there is a ban or waiting. It is unusual to get a disabled bay in town, so most of the time I park on a double yellow line where behind me is a double yellow line but with a ban on waiting or loading.

    It is rare, possibly 5 times in 11 years of driving a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but on Saturday another disabled driver, who obviously doesn't know the rules, parked behind me far too close and while I could deploy my ramp, there was no way the wheelchair could get onto the ramp.

    I had some options:-
    1) a total stranger offered to move my vehicle forward
    2) I telephoned the police and asked them to assist
    3) staff from a concert hall (I was parked immediately behind the concert hall) offer to move my car

    Now I am aware that Motability are extremely strict with regard to drivers-only people on their Insurance-even people with insurance for any car are not permitted.

    Basically, what are my options in a situation like this-especially in the light of the insurance?

    Yes-there is a please leave 2 m signed on my car!


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    Surely pushing the car 1 meter forward cant constitute driving the car... That's what I would have tried to do, if I had somebody to ask for help. Probably a call to Motability would also help, although I think their advice would be to wait for the other driver to come rather than sending someone to help. Police? not sure it's their call, nobody was breaking the law...
    About driving a motability car while not on the insurance policy... there are instances where this does happen and I'm always a bit worried: when I take the car for the service, or when I take the car for a wash and leave it in the parking and the staff will take care of it (when you go shopping and they wash it for you while you're in the shop). I think I had a few other instances I cant remember and I'm thinking now the best thing now is to call Motability to ask about this, surely they will know better than anybody on a forum...

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    I guess the only worry of giving the keys to your car to a complete stranger is that they might drive off with it! If someone did the insurance company would say you were negligent and not pay out leaving you with a massive debt.

    Maybe best to ask a couple of willing hands to push the vehicle a yard or so.

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    Calling the police is not a good idea as I doubt very much they would do anything. Handing the keys to a stranger is not a good idea either. Personally I believe you have three options and they are.:-

    1. Wait for the other driver to come back.
    2. Ask a friendly person or two to push your car the 3 or 4 feet necessary.
    3. Phone the RAC to see if they will help, this is Doubtful but it might be worth a try.
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    I have this problem regularly. It seems no one can see the HUGE yellow and red striped sign covering the whole of the back of my car (ambulance style). Other disabled people seem to be the worst offenders too.

    For the last year I have been carrying one of these:

    I put it about ten feet behind my car when I park in a place where others can park behind me. No one has moved it yet.

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    That situation is a concern for me with my wheelchair bound son, I wound not leave him unattended even to move the van forward, so alway look for a parking space will ‘miles’ of clearance ....a possible solution to to have a street cone you can store in the van but place behind your van when you leave it in the street, maybe write on it "don’t park within 8ft of this vehicle " .
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