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Thread: Dla to pip

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    Dla to pip

    Evening does anyone no when ppl on indefinite dla awards are transfering to pip

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    What will happen is the DWP will send you a form inviting you to claim for PIP.

    There is no automatic transfer from DLA to PIP.

    If you don't apply for PIP your DLA will stop being paid over period of time.

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    I was changed from indefinite DLA to PIP 3 years ago. I had to apply for it after being invited. Rang them, received the "tome" to fill in and then had a face to face assessment. Luckily I kept the same award, but only for the maximum of 10 years. There is no indefinite for PIP

    They will get to you eventually, all you can do is wait until your "invitation" appears.

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    The last figures I know of are from August 2018;

    There were then around 675,000 people of working age still getting DLA who were yet to be 'invited' to claim PIP.

    They were supposed to have completed all DLA-PIP migrations by the end of 2020.
    But the extra workload caused by their losing court cases and having to reassess some PIP claims means this has now been put back to the end of 2021.

    Over 250 staff have been taken on by the DWP to review previous PIP decisions where mistakes may have been made

    But, because the 250 staff are not enough to get through all the reviews by the end of 2020, staff are being diverted from DLA to PIP reassessments to do the work as well.

    Sarah Newton, Minister of State for Disabled People, did not reveal how many claimants will have their DLA to PIP transfer postponed, but the fact that it was announced in parliament suggest that it will be a significant number.

    Claimants who have their transfer postponed will now be reassessed for PIP in 2020/21.
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    Quote Originally Posted by julieshaun1968 View Post
    Evening does anyone no when ppl on indefinite dla awards are transfering to pip
    Don't wish it upon yourself. Many ppl come out worse off. i hope you kept a copy of what you wrote last time. Read VERY carefully. We just been thru doing it for my partner. They changed some of the questions slightly, so you have to think very carefully how you answer. they want to know if there have been any changes in your health - if you have a permanent and incurable disability - repeat that. "I still suffer from back pain" for instance. DO NOT assume common sense in the reader. Hit them with the facts, even if you are repeating them over and over.

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