I’ve been having a really bad time with my mental health and I received my esa50 form for renewal. It’s an existing claim with both physical and mental health issues. In the midst of everything I thought the return date was the 14th if March and I rang up explaining it may be late. She told me not to worry because I’m flagged up as having mental health issues. After trying to organise myself I realised the form should have been in on the 4th and not the 14th. Cue melt down.

I have frantically tried to fill it out but I’m just so physically ill and stressed I’ve took longer and won’t be able to send it until tomorrow, the 16t of March.

I got a payment on the 11t of March,, the woman at dwp told me my money wouldn’t stop, is this true? I’m onicking they will close my claim.

Obviously I’m goijg to explain on the form what has happened with me having a huge break down in my mental health but as anyone got any advice or experience on this? I’m so upset at myself

Thank you in advance