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Thread: ESA Reassessment - Brother With Learning Disabilities

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    ESA Reassessment - Brother With Learning Disabilities

    Hello Everyone.

    One of my brothers is in his 50's. He has been on ESA and DLA for
    several Years. He was put into the ESA support Group as soon as we
    applied for it for him. He lives with my 80 Year old Father, who had
    a Stroke a few Years ago. He is more and more forgetful, which is why
    have to go with my brother and not our dad.

    When my brother was born his brain was starved of Oxygen, causing
    permanent brain damage. He had to be educated at a 'Special School',
    as a result.

    He cannot take in instructions or advice, and has to be told things over
    and over again. He also acts impulsively, as he cannot see any danger in
    what he is doing. As such, he cannot cook meals etc. He is very naive -
    like a child - and several cruel people have tried to exploit him over
    the Years. A shop keeper only has to smile at him and he thinks they
    are his 'Friends'.

    I am now greatly worried. He has been called in for a ESA Reassessment
    next Week. I filled in the Form for him, and told them how my brother is,
    but they seem to have disregarded it and they want to interview him.

    I will have to go with him to the Interview. I'm hoping that they will let me
    speak for him. He gets very confused indeed, if someone asks him a lot of
    questions. I am very worried that he will say the 'wrong thing' and that they
    may remove him from the Support Group. He cannot even fill a Form in, so,
    he would not be able to cope with the WRAG Group. He can't even write
    his name properly.

    Even worse would be if they said there is nothing wrong with him and remove his
    ESA completely. There is no way that he would be allowed Unemployment Benefit, as
    just be having a brief chat with him shows you that no-one will ever Employ him -
    which means that he'd not satisfy the 'Available For Work', criteria for that Benefit.

    I'm on a lot of Medication, for Mental and Physical ailments, myself, and I'm in a terribly
    nervous state, about what may happen at my brother's Reassessment Interview.

    Can anyone please give me some advice about this matter? Thank You.

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    hi by what you have said i dont think you have anything to worry about , before your brother is seen the person dealing with it will have read all the written evidence , has his doctor wrote anything on his behalf?.
    his issues as a child underline his problems are long term..
    on the slim chance hes told he didnt get enough points my advice is go to CAB straight away to get the MR / APPEAL in progress , i went to special schools and had to appeal once and the courts are nearly always on your side..
    the problem is if you tern up at one of these assessments smiling or having had a wash and shave some people judge you on that instead of your illness.
    i expect your brother will agree with any assessment question they ask him and they should have the sense to see he dosnt think things through .
    hope all goes well , and when you get to the assessment centre make sure they know he needed someone there to insure he arrived safely .. should be ok

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    Sorry he as to be assessed but these days most people at some point do, if you explain the situation as soon as you get there let him try and answer some of the questions but correct if he's just saying yes to everything and explain that this is what he does as he doesn't understand. You can appeal if it isn't successful though i hope he will be. Goodluck

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    If you are unable to attend an assessment and want a home visit instead the you have to tell them AFTER they have sent you an appointment, and then supply medical evidence to back up that you can't attend.

    It' not clear just when your brothers assessment is, but if you think your brother would be better with a home assessment then ring the assessors and request this.
    You will need a letter from his doctor or similar to confirm that he is unable to attend the assessment centre.

    From the assessors guidance:
    Requesting a home visit

    Assessments are usually completed at an Assessment Centre. We understand that some medical conditions can make travelling difficult. Our Healthcare Professionals will identify those people who cannot travel because of their medical condition. We then offer a home visit.

    If you think you cannot travel because of your medical condition, please contact us as soon as possible. Our Healthcare Professionals will then consider all available information. It is likely we will ask you for supporting information, including confirmation from a medical professional who is treating you.
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