Hi like many others last year i got the letter saying about them making a mistake when went over to cb esa from ib instead of being put on ir, so form was done over phone i went onto ir esa so started getting supliments and got a back pay. Then saw on here that tribunal was going on for people to get back pay for before 2014. Today got a letter saying i had more back pay from start of 2013 to oct 2014 i actually went over in 2012 i want bother asking about the extra yr asn't didn't really think get more and i didn't have to fill out a form which i've read some people have. So thought just let you know as i know others have been waiting to see if there was more back pay coming based on the case that was going on there is.
When opened it thought it was the review as it's been 7yrs and so i'm sure i'll be getting that before the 2020 uc change over so was surprised when read what it actually was lol.