Ok bit complicated this one , won tribunal for pip DL, currently not eligible for SDP due to not living alone , plan to move and will then become eligible for SDP.

As far as I’m aware the day I move and become eligible for SDP (I get ESA) I then have the right to claim HB and not UC? Do I have to notify pip about the move first and claim SDP or is this done automatically when I put in a claim for HB at the new address?

My second question is as I understand it payments over £5000 awarded by a tribunal are never counted as savings in relation to income related benefits such as my esa but if due to this when I apply for HB and council tax reductions I am over the allowed limit am I suppose to declare all of it but tell them how much was backpay or do I exclude it myself and if they inquire about it at a later date I inform them it was backpay? Not sure how to proceed with all this any advice will be welcomed thanks.