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Thread: How do I fill in ESA underpayment form ESA3(IBRD) with various address/partners?

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    Question How do I fill in ESA underpayment form ESA3(IBRD) with various address/partners?


    My wife (who I am appointee for) has just received a ESA3 (IBRD) form regarding possible underpayment of ESA when she was transferred from ICB.

    I would like to ask for some advice on filling in this form as there were two changes in circumstance during the period and I don’t know the best way to go about showing this.

    During the start of the period she was single and lived at address number 1 and then midway through this period she became my partner and then lived at address number 2.

    The form says ‘we need information about you and your partner you had between the dates on the front of the form.’

    However at the start of the period as mentioned she had no partner. So I thought it should be filled in as if day 1 of the period and then in the extra information box say that she changed address and found a partner and include the dates this happened etc.

    But… they ask a lot of information regarding the partner so it would probably be better to fill in the partner side and then make it known in the extra information box that this is only applicable after a certain date etc. As I would tick both the single and living together as partner boxes for her and myself. This also means the form is filled in her maiden name etc. and we don't tick married as we got married after the period in question.

    This all may seem glaringly obvious but I overthink things about what is best, what is logical, what is right/wrong, expected or common sense etc. and then end up in a pickle and not sure how to go about it!

    Secondly there is an added complication with the ‘about other people you live with section.’

    When she was singe and living at address 1 she was house sharing with 3 random people who she can barley remember their names and has zero contact with since 2012 so it may not even be possible to fill in this form successfully as it would be impossible to get any proof or information or even things like their birthdates for 3 strangers 7 years ago. I wouldn’t know how to fill this in as it would be very incomplete. None of them had savings and worked minimum wage jobs and they split the bills 4 ways but proving any of this would be impossible.

    When she moved to house 2 and lived with me as a partner it was my family home with 2 siblings and 1 parent so that would be 6 people to mention at 2 different address and the boxes only have space for 4 people so would it be best to fill in the 3 strangers names of address 1 and then most other boxes blank as simply don’t know and then try and squeeze all information they ask for about my 3 family members into the extra information box. Or I could even just lie and say the address 1 she lived by herself, but then this could be considered fraud so probably a silly idea and best to be as open as possible.

    As you can see by this very long post I am struggling how best to fit these various quirks onto this form and any advice how to go about it would be happily received.

    I am sure there are people who may have even more complicated history with multiple house moves and partners so whilst we are grateful to be given the opportunity to claim any unpaid money, I feel the form was poorly designed. I am starting to feel it may not be worth the effort to fill in.

    Anyway all the best, and if anybody has taken the time to read this then thank you.

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    It's a problem that comes up often, not enough room on the forms for everything you need to put.

    When you have this problem of not enough room on the form you can simply use seperate sheets and attach them to the form.
    (You could even retype the questions as well so it's clear just which you are answering).

    In the box(es) on the ESA3(IBR) itself simply put "See attached sheets, (page number # of #)".

    Put your wifes name and NI number at the top of each additional sheet, so that if they become seperated they can tell who they belong to.
    If adding quite a few sheets it's a good idea to number them, (and putting "Page # of #" lets them know how many sheets there should be in all).

    Members here often do that with various forms such as the ESA50 or PIP2 questionaires, as long as the information is there it doesn't matter if it's on the form itself or a seperate sheet.

    So section one about 'You and your partner' you just put " See attached sheets..." and then on the sheets give the dates, address, etc.
    You could do the same sort of thing with section 10 'Where you live'.

    Looking at that section 10 they only ask for the names of people who you were sharing with who were not your partner, I doubt they would expect you to know their other details.

    As you say there are going to be many who have changed circumstances in the years since they made this error, so they will be used to complicated stories and will contact you to ask about anything that is not clear.
    But most cases will still be fairly simple and so they don't want to complicate the for too much to start with.

    If you like you could give them a ring before filling in the form.
    There should be a special number on the form, 0800 169 0346, this goes straight to the special team dealing with this backpay and so they will know what it's about.
    Whilst they will probably also say to add seperate sheets, they may want to take the details over the phone - so have them handy and be prepared that it may be a long call.

    Without knowing all your wife's details It's hard to say just what, if any, backpay she is due.
    It will also depend on any savings she had/has, and if you yourself are/were working.
    If she also has or had DLA or PIP then it could be many thousands of pounds.

    We have member here who have already done this and have had backpay ranging from a couple of hundred to as much as £23,000 in backpay.

    Well worth spending the time to fill in the form, even if there is nothing to backpay then at least you know that it's been checked for sure and won't be wondering and maybe kicking yourself later.
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    In regards to "other people you live with" it doesn't really apply to people you are house sharing with as they do not form part of your household. There is a commercial contract in place (i.e a tenancy) and for all intents and purposes they are strangers. It would be unusual for instance if a person entered a house of multiple occupancy and had to furnish details of all the other tenants as they could otherwise hold a person to ransom and refuse. Someone in a house share doesn't necessarily have to even give there name to any one else there. Although they share a property they have individual households. It applies more to people who live with partners, adult sons and daughters or friends for which there is no contract.

    For instance if I were to invite a friend to live with me in my own house without a tenancy agreement then the DWP would want to know information about that person as they would be expected to contribute to the household. But, if I were in a rented property and the landlord moved another tenant in one of the other rooms, regardless as to whether we know each other, I wouldn't be required nor would it be needed to provide details to support their claim to welfare. If you think about it, if someone loses their job or becomes disabled in a house share then it isn't every one else's responsibility to support them and neither is it their business.

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    I just wanted to say thank you to nukecad and obsidianeclipse for replying and helping me with my crisis of confidence. I have taken your points on board and fill out the form with a better understanding. all the best.

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