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Thread: F.A.O. BarbieJane

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    F.A.O. BarbieJane

    As you might remember, my friend sent back his ESA ( IBR ) on the same day you returned yours. In the last couple of days he has received a nice little brucie bonus into his bank, so it looks like they've dealt with his claim.
    Hopefully this means that your claim is being dealt with as we speak and that fingers crossed, you get a brucie bonus too.

    Anyway, I just thought i'd let you know.

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    Thanks Priffy and I'm so pleased for your friend . We have had a few brown letters from DWP the last one being they neede proof of what was in Hubbys ISA between certain dates.We haven't heard anything since.We don't think we wi;; get any thing because of a works pension hubby gets.A friend of ours has got back £3750 but another friend was refused anything because of a pension he had.

    As soon as I know anything i'll let you know.

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    Still waiting after sending proof of ISA to them a few weeks back.

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    Crikey BarbieJane, they're not rushing themselves are they?
    Really sorry to hear that you still haven't heard after all this time. I'll be gutted for you if you don't get anything after the time it has taken, even if you just get a little bit, it would help to make up for the amount of time you've had to wait but i'm hoping you'll get a nice big payout and will continue to keep my fingers crossed for you.

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    Piffy the longer it goes on the more we think that we will not get anything back but if it's just a tenner it's better in our pocket than theirs.
    What's so annoying is that we sent them what they requested by return post thinking that once it was received it would be looked at straight away.How wrong were we.

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    Barbiejane - I had several requests from them for my backpayment
    and one of the letters said I only had 2 weeks from the date on the letter to get the info to them
    and that included their postage time and mine
    I was going nuts trying to get historic bank statements sent to me in time
    then didn't hear anything for weeks and had to ring them to get it sorted

    hope you hear soon

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    Thanks Walker .I'll let everyone know if it's a yay or a nay.We think it will be a nay.

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    Still no letter saying yay or nay but we had a call from ESA earlier today asking what investments we had er none and about the £8000 savings we have again er no we don't .Hubby explained to the lady on the phone that they have had the bank book figures copied and sent to them so it must be on file somewhere..She said oh yes we have them so what was she wanting to know and why did she phone us.She told hubby that he would hear something in a few weeks
    We are a bit baffled as to why she phoned us asking 2 questions that they have already had answers to .

    We're still not expecting to get any backpay.

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