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Thread: F.A.O. BarbieJane

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    Well Priffy and all that's been seeing my post and me prattling on about backdated ESA well today the dreaded brown letter came through the letter box.WELL IT WAS A GOOD BROWN ENVELOPE and it was a YAY from DWP to the grand total of £10,350 I think it is.It's for just over 3 years back pay.We still can't take it in.We honestly and truly thought that it was going to be a no we weren't entitled to any money back.The money hasn't gone into the bank yet but i'm sure it will soon..You never know.

    Thanks everyone for reading my posts and reading me prattling along especially Nukecad for the advice he gave me in December when I first filled the forms in.

    To anyone who has received a form to fill in please please fill it in and send it back

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    what great news
    really really pleased for you

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    Good to hear yet another good award barbiejane.

    It always amazes me somewhat when people say they don't want to return the form because they are sure that they don't qualify.

    Remember that the DWP have already checked your files, and those that definitely don't qualify won't even get sent a form in the first place.

    So if you get the form then the DWP think that you are probably entitled to some backpayment, and extra ESA each week.

    If the DWP think so then it's probably right, they are being very, very, careful about correcting this error.

    So careful in fact that we have seen them pick up other errors (usually wrong Transitional Additions) while looking at it.
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    Fantastic news barbiejane

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