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Thread: Power of attorney and blue badge

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    Power of attorney and blue badge

    I have power of attorney for my grandmother who has dementia. I have to renew her blue badge but I'm not sure how it works with power of attorney. The form requires a signature and a she's not able to sign herself I need to sign for her. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to sign her name or mine. Usually I contact the company in question and send the poa forms and from then on I sign things with my name. However, I'm not sure how that works with the blue badge because I haven't sent in the poa. If I sign my name then they might reject the application because its it her name. Should I just sign my name and send a copy of the poa with the form?

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    I’ve just renewed my badge and from the application form it is written as if everything is being filled by the applicant but I am the BB user so no help to you.

    With that said on the site it says you can apply on behalf of someone else and the form from my local council says at the bottom where the declaration is made, and I quote, “If you are not the blue badge applicant, please state your relationship to the applicant e.g. mother, daughter, son, friend:”

    Going by that you need to gather all the information they need about your grandmother and just make the declaration when YOU sign it. As it’s a renewal it should be a bit easier.

    Good Luck.

    PS this applies to England and Wales but Scotland and NI have their own rules.
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