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Thread: Non Motability car

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    Non Motability car

    As we had to buy our own Wheelchair car! as not entitled to ‘Motability car’.
    Is there anything such as road tax help? £280.00 ( probably jumps another tenner at end of year)!
    so forking out insurance plus servicing.?

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    The high rate for mobility of PIP entitles you to free road tax. The lowest rate for PIP mobility gives you a 50% reduction on road tax.
    Do you get PIP, if not apply for it.
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    Have you tried getting the VAT refunded?

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    Just to clarify for anybody else reading the bit about the VAT refunded... which I guess it's not the case for the OP, here's a relevant quote from the government website:
    You can use this form to claim relief from VAT if you (or for whom the vehicle is being purchased) meet all of the 4 following conditions when purchasing the adapted motor vehicle:
    - you’re normally a wheelchair user
    - it’s only purchased for personal and domestic use
    - your vehicle has been permanently and substantially adapted to meet your requirements
    - you haven’t (since 1 April 2017) obtained a VAT free vehicle under this relief in the past 3 years.
    I am thinking that if somebody is a wheelchair user they surely should qualify for PIP higher rate and Motability, right?

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    That is what you think, yet despite needing a wheelchair to help me get around outside for many years. When I first applied for PIP years ago and at the time using my wheelchair, I only qualified for Standard level for Mobility.

    Reviewed last year, this time got Enhanced, sad to say sometimes I think it can be the luck of the draw with who assesses you.

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