Wonder if anyone had a similar experience regarding ongoing PIP mental health/mobility reviews.

I had a review in 2017 and lost my High Mobility, (was told the descriptors for moving about didn't apply regarding my mental health despite my winning an appeal a year earlier.)

Anyway, following the now well published court case in which the descriptors were challenged and DWP lost, I was one of many who were in line for a review and possible reinstated Mobility awards.

I took it upon myself to write to PIP dept last year requesting a review. No response, of course. But 2 weeks ago I decided to phone them and to my surprise a lady in the general enquires expressed concern my request for a review wasn't dealt with and put me on to her office supervisor who in turn promised me he'd escalate my request.

Fast forward 2 weeks later (today.) and I again chased it up only to be told no record of my request was on the system and they couldn't say if it was escalated. However they did say that the supervisor could have sent a request but didn't note it on the system. Is this a possibility or am I getting the run around?