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Thread: anyone had there p60 yet?

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    anyone had there p60 yet?

    for people on benefits the dwp used to send out a p60 every year.
    I have not had one yet this year. me thinks it was around april time
    they used to send them out

    has anyone had a p60 yet this year or has the dwp stopped doing them.


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    I got mine last week

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    I got mine last week

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    Mine turned up yesterday. (Oh flip, another brown envelope. LOL)
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    Had mine last week it’s a P60U

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    Got mine last week too.

    Waste of time really. It's all been spent!

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    I was starting to panic because I needed it for my son for uni but I finally got it this week.

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    I got mine last week, couldn’t open the envelope at first as it had DWP wrote on it lol.

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