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Thread: PIP Reviews

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    PIP Reviews


    Has anyone been successful in their PIP reviews and when are you getting these reviews - i.e. is it definately 12 months before the review date?

    The reason I ask is that my daughter has been receiving enhanced (both rates) since March 2016 and she had a review date of March 2021 and as we have been getting a motability car since June 2016, its nearly three years and we have ordered a new motability car which will arrive some time between September and December this year which means that we could get a PIP review form in March 2020 if it is 12 months before the review date and I will be paying £1795 advance payment for the new motability car.


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    I've had a review and the forms came 12 months before the end of my award. That seems typical.

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    It is quite normal to get the form one year early.
    Call me Mike.

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    Yes, some people are hacked off the fact that the review is so early considering the time you have left on your reward.

    I can't think of anything that can be renewed/reviewed so far in advance of the ending date.

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    Yes, it's a year before that they send out the papers.

    I wasn't contacted until mid May for an assessment.

    Is there any way you could get a car with no upfront payment, or at least less?

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    Thank you to everyone's replies - bit disappointed that DWP send you the forms one year earlier which is a joke coz say if you didn't get the PIP after the review then you've technically lost a year's worth of PIP or there abouts.


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    that's exactly what happens

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    I had mine 12 months before, it was a shambles, the assessor has turned the award from being about my mental health problems (apart from 8 points in moving around) and how they affect me to being about my physical health problems and by the looks of it has lowered it from enhanced to standard.

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    Believe me it is a good job they start the review 12 months before the award ends. The official reason is to give time for the review to be done, so someone on PIP, does not reach the end of their award, then end up with no benefit while they look at the review.

    This not only gives them time to look at the review, but also to cover for most problems which may arise during the process, it also gives time potentially for if you ask them to look at the decision/award they come to at the Decision Maker stage, such as mandatory reconsideration.

    Personally, it took about 7.5 months for the review process to be done, so I would have been without the support for all that time. Imagine Motability taking back a car due to not being on PIP anymore, if they did start at end of award, or only a couple of months before it ended, with the award not being what you need or expect.

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    it works both ways
    my review was sent more than a year early, and the decision 11 months before the previous award was due to end

    the previous one I had gone to tribunal to get my standard mob. back, then of course lost it with the review
    but could not risk another MR/Tribunal as I could not manage without the money if they had taken it all away - and tribunals being about 50+ weeks in my area
    so I lost out on 11 months of the mob. that I should have received
    there had been no change in my conditions

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