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Thread: Disabled Car Tax for replacement car?

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    Now asked hubby and he said the chap at the Post Office just entered something on the computer, DVLA website.

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    When I changed from DLA to PIP in 2017 the DWP sent me a letter of qualification for future use when claiming exemptions.

    This letter is renewed automatically by the DWP every year but the last page of the original exemption letter has the certificate for road tax exemption and they do not renew that one so if you lose it you have to ask DWP for another one.

    I don’t use mine because I’m with Motability but I still have the certificate locked up safe and sound.

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    You'd be better off contacting the DVLA to see what they say.

    When my Mum was alive, we needed a new certificate when I changed my car.

    It seems strange that crl could tax a vehicle straight away in the Disabled class unless the vehicle was already in the Disabled class.

    I would have thought that you would have to pay full price for at least a month while waiting for a new exemption certificate from the DWP, DVLA sends your new V5 as the new keeper, and, then send it back again changing the vehicle classification from (I assume) PLG to Disabled. I was told by DVLA that you couldn't change the Keeper and vehicle classification at the same time.
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    It appears that the OP has already gone to the PO and changed the taxation class with no problems.

    Yes you do have to wait for the new V5 that is registered in your name before you can change the class. Road tax already paid is refunded, apart from the amount paid in the interim whilst the taxation class is changed. The refund is automatic after changing class. A refund cheque is sent approx. 2 weeks after the change.

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    You just need to give details about your log book and new vehicle you bought. rest will be dne by the authorities.

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    I need to get my disabled tax from my older car and put it on the newer one . My husband is now going to use the older car How do I do this

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    Will my husband have to tax the older car there and then when we go to the post office so he is legally able to drive it. If so am i correct in thinking he will need MOT and log book for th older car he is keeping

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    Thank you for info . I plan to go to the post office this week and try to get it sorted

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    Disabled Car Tax for replacement car

    Crack back in October and its been growing steadily since.
    I want OEM replacement. No other brands.

    Those who have done it already, Can you guys name some places to get it done? and how much is it gonna cost me?

    Thanks guys.

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    Get your new log book and PIP Entitlement letter and the code number will be sent to post office. With in a short span you will get the log book stating the vehicle is in disabled class.

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