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Thread: Disabled Car Tax for replacement car?

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    Disabled Car Tax for replacement car?

    I am currently receiving free car tax for my wife because she is disabled and receiving the high rate PIP motabilty component. We have recently replaced our vehicle, the old vehicle was scrapped. What is the procedure for applying for new disabled car tax for the new vehicle?

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    You just take your new log book and PIP entitlement letter which will give your code number to the post office. They send it off for you and within a couple of weeks you will get a new log book stating that the vehicle is now in the disabled class. Any road tax you have paid will be refunded by cheque.

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    Is there a need for a replacement entitlement certificate because of a change of vehicle? Some websites state there is and others do not mention a replacement certificate is required. Anyone in a similar situation and have successfully re-taxed a new vehicle?

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    No there isn't, the entitlement number stays with the person. We have just done ours due to change of vehicle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beau View Post
    No there isn't, the entitlement number stays with the person. We have just done ours due to change of vehicle.
    That's different information from what I have been told, I hope you are correct, I hate contacting the DWP over any matter.
    According to this site you have to apply for a replacement certificate when there is a change of vehicle.

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    I can assure you that what I have posted is correct. It was only on Wednesday just gone that my hubby went to the Post Office to change our taxation class and claim any paid road tax back. He rang DVLA because of confusing information out there to confirm that it was the correct procedure.
    The link you gave is from 2017 and outdated.

    If you read down the page it states
    "If you are buying a vehicle from a private seller or changing your tax status on your existing vehicle then you can only do that at a Post Office branch that deals with vehicle tax.

    What to take to the Post Office

    You need to take:
    •the (V5C) registration certificate (log book) in your name, or a new keeper supplement (V5C/2) if you’ve just bought the vehicle
    •an MOT certificate that’s valid when the tax starts
    •Certificate of Entitlement"
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    Many thanks
    I will call at the post office and hopefully everything will be fine.

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    Just called at the post office and the attendant was not that knowledgeable, although he did tax the new car and took the V5 document away to send to the DVLA. He said he didn't need the Certificate of Entitlement number, which I found strange. Just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Now that is very strange. Fingers crossed that it works for you. It could be that he only had to witness the number. Think my hubby just said that they checked mine, I don't really know if they copied it down.

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